Cinnamon Apple Bread

Hello all from the world of my kitchen! Tomorrow is March 14. That is 3/14. That is Pie Day. Now, for days and days I’ve been thinking, I’m going to be a total bad ass and make a pie. From scratch! I can make my own pie crust and fill it with delicious things and post … Continue reading Cinnamon Apple Bread

Galentines Day!

I am a very lucky lady. I have a wonderful family, a fantastic husband and some truly fabulous girlfriends. They have been there with me through all the ups and downs in my life, and they are my support system. I am known as the ‘nice’ one in the group, and when  I need that … Continue reading Galentines Day!

Cake for Breakfast!

So. Ok. Something about me. I’m a chocolate freak. I love chocolate. I would probably eat chocolate at every meal if it didn’t mean serious consequences. Recently, Eric and I were out with some friends and asked to see a dessert menu. There was nothing chocolate on it. The server asked, “So, what are we … Continue reading Cake for Breakfast!